Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food tripping in Mindoro

We had not the big chance of making a big tour (like a real tourist) when we were in Mindoro.
          some photos we took from the boat                               

 On our second day on the beach, we met a family that we had met when we were on a boat. We set an appointment and met them in Sabang (where they were checked in). We rented a jeepney from the resort and it costs 800 pesos just to drive us there (it was actually rented for a day tour down town and souvenir shops hopping). We never noticed the time going we ended up staying with them until midday. No tour was made! We hired another jeepney from sabang to bring us back to the resort for about 150 pesos.  
A filipina raised in Batangas married with Australian man, the daughter's named Marica who lives now in Uk (she's pretty good mix) They were nice! nice family. Tony never stopped talking whatever conversation anything under the sun. We had a nice time with them. Really :) After a long conversation with them, we went down to see their room (a big difference from our hotel and reasonable price). We had a walk along the beach and when we get hungry we stopped at hemingway restaurant (german's restaurant) to have our lunch.
                                 pasta with aubergine (no meat, no cheese) for marica (she's vegetarian)
                          Claudebiko, Tony and Margaret has the same meal Grilled Tanigue
                  Chicken with mango chutney for me it was yummy i guess i shared it with Bibingclara
Our bill gets over 5 thousand pesos with the two good bottles of wine. It was Tony who payed for everything. We insisted our share but he doesn't want to accept it. We had a great time with them the only thing that had happened was at the end of the day Bibingclara felt so unconfortable i dont know why kung me masakit or kung ano ang gusto. When we said goodbye, Claudebiko said to tony next time will be us, because of frustration of eating bangus (tony's favorite) we decided to invite them to the resort. 

 The invitation happened the next day. We had another enjoyable time with them on the beach. We drunk a cocktail drink first that i have ordered (a suggestion of my cousins bf) they called Mindoro sling.
I never made a mistake of ordering filipino foods from the restaurant.The fried boneless bangus is wonderful! We feasted of 3 pcs whole fried bangus, one sinigang bangus (specially for Tony) and two batches of Pancit bihon (no meat and full of veggies for Marica). Bibingclara's favorite! Pancit! pancit
 Naubos nilang lahat! Buti nalang! I learned that it's better to demand food that they are habitually cooking other than foreign food. Ang resulta ay very good! Ganunpaman, Salamat sa kanila! When we separate our ways, naglakad lakad muna sila sa beach before they come back to their hotel. Na in love sila sa ganda ng lugar. We let them have a walk along the beach because we need to go see a doctor for Bibingclara we get so worried because her foot get swollen we kumagat na insekto! hayop talaga sana ako nalang ang kinagat! dahil kakagatin ko din sya :)

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claude-maruh-clara said...

tu as très bien raconté notre rencontre avec Tony's family. j'aime ton blog ma femme ko to.. je t'aime.