Friday, February 26, 2010

Manila / Manille

I made my promise broken i haven't able to blog everyday. Yesterday night i fall asleep with Bibingclara i am at  all times with her specially when she's sick. She's  feelin better now and in real she's at her nursery. Now, i have my little time to post our arrival in Manila. Having travelling with a kid is not so easy like what we had experience with Bibingclara (its her first time) very long travel Paris-Amsterdam-Manila almost 16 hours. Our flight was 2 hours delayed and we waited too long..... and lastly, we've got a small plane :(
No Chance! from the airport Bibingclara doesn't want to stay in one place she wanted to walk and run all along the airport phew hard time! really hard time! I became loka loka even Claudebiko doesn't know what to do with her daughter. Well, that's life! (C'est la vie)
            She was staring at me and thinking what more pasaway thing she can be able to do inside the plane
I was so happy looking at the window that we are nearly arrive
Hay!At last! (Enfin!) We are now in Manila I can see all the Big Billboards everywhere 

Manila! Manila i am coming back home to manila....lalalala la la la la
Kumanta ba? na carried away eh hehehe :)

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