Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here i am / Je suis là

After a long break of blogging, here i am again. I didn't had the chance to put all my pending entries during our holiday in philippines but i promise to make an update each day little by little :) i didn't had actually the time these past few days why? coz i get so busy     1.  When we arrived at home the next day Bibingclara get sick     2. My friend Edvie was here to have a 5 day tour with her family     3. I have been unpacking all our suitcases for ages and luckily i succeed to arrange all my mess. Yun lang naman! Hayyy Now, back to normal. I am hoping that Bibingclara will feel better and better coz she is still coughing  at this moment! istorbo di sya makatulog.
This photo was taken before Bibingclara get sick. We were in a hurry to go to the supermarket to do our food shopping kasi naman walang makain hehehe our fridge is empty and our electricity was off during 4 weeks. I missed cooking/baking kaya lang i haven't still have my new oven. Next time will post food entries during our food trips in philippines.

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