Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We're here!

Yes, after a long, long time.... it seems like i abandon my blog but nope! the reality is... we are here!!! but still busy busy busy as a bee after la rentrée ( school year ). In fact, i am very impatient to relate our summer vacation and share loads of photos. I have plenty of talks to share about the changes in the school rhythme, my partner's retirement and my enrollment of learning sign language. Oh i forgot to mention that i also get sick last week ( im super ok now ). I will be back on track! Automn is here! ( Courage, courage) I will not promise, but i will do make an effort to post an update each day ( i hope ). With that, you folks gonna have some reading about ( n'importe quoi ) what's happening in our world/word of desserts. For now, let me share some photos as attendance in the blog world (",)
At Courtepaille restaurant
 At La fiancée du Pirate restaurant
At St. Cado, Brittany
See? we are here! Busy lang talaga! à demain :)

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