Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mushroom's hunting in the forest

Speaking of mushroom on my recent post, i suddenly remember our mushroom hunting experience from the wild trees. After fruit picking experience, two weeks later, we went for " a la chasse aux champignons".
we did the mushroom hunting early October ( Saturday ) and we were not actually prepared. The problem was Claudebiko and i had no rain boots. Good thing as that morning, ( before we leave for des champignons ) there was a vide-grenier ( garage sale ) just near our place so i went there first and got each pair of boots for 3 euros each ( good buy for a brand new ) lucky because we've both got our good size! bravo Maman!
we arrived almost past 12pm ( lunch time ) so before getting started we just had a little snack. Obviously, Claudebiko still chewing and he has still his leek tart ( bought from the boulangerie near forest ) on his hand. We had "grignote" first as we know we will getting hungry after a long walk.
just upon the entry, it was our daughter who got her first mushroom! bravo anak! she has sharp eyes she got one right away while presenting to us her tool --- a wooden stick ;)
yap! her first mushroom just near her feet good thing, elle ne l'avait pas écrassé sinon, poor mushroom
we saw plenty of kinds which we doesn't know. The strict rule : dont touch just feast by looking
and another one......
we had not really luck that day coz we have been walking for 2 hours but no more mushrooms
our one and only humble mushroom that day hahahaha
just for a photo (",)
we get tired and évidemment, we can't walk  for more long hours with a kid
We get only 3 pcs of not so bad looking mushrooms ( they're "Cèpes" ). It was a great experience specially for me and Bibingclara. Our first time!
Because Claudebiko knows well the forest, he decided to come back during the week without us. And look how plenty he had got when he got home... dyaran!
voilà des cèpes - Omelette ang katapat mo! at sangkatutak na garlic ;)))
i was thrilled when he sent me the first photo....
the second one....
the third one....
and des dizaines des champignons dans la voiture :)
Claudebiko was so happy even he got some wound on his finger using Swiss knife. He had not made mistake going there during ordinary day, he knows he would got plenty unlike last time when he was with us ( me balat ata ako sa puwet ). ça fait du bien car it brings back his childhood memories when he was chassing mushrooms with his late father. He said he was about 7 or 8 years old that time. And it was also les Bordage thing coz they loveeee champignons a lot. His dad was the mushroom expert and his mom has a good recipe and technique when cooking. So what we did with the mushrooms? a part of them, we get them frozen and the rest, we added to the omelette and we stir-fried just with loads of garlic. Probably we'll gonna do again the mushroom hunting next year! yeahhh (",) sama ka?

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