Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good find : Tulle=Tutu

Just by chance i found a roll of Tulle  in the vide-grenier when im on a search for a christmas gift wrapper. Just suddenly i thought of making Tutu for my little girl. I'm hesitated at first thinking maybe a roll left, ( i do not have idea how many meters it was ) doesn't enough for the tutu i will be making. I asked first the price, the vendor told me 2 euros. I have no idea how much a meter of tulle but when he says 2 euros i turned my back. Tant pis! ( Never mind! ). I continue walking then, i heard the vendor calling me Madame! madame! and saying if i'm really interested with the tulle, he would give me for 1 euro. Good! So i get it :)
my daughter who love's dancing ( photo taken from the dance class )
when i get home, i showed to her the project = making tutu
i saw the idea of making Tutu from Pinterest. I just only need elastic ( garter ) scissors, thread and needle
the work begins...
i just cut the tulle lenghtwise ... and show to Bibingclara how to make the knot
she was practising using ponytail ( yeah not so easy but she learnt fast )
maman works...
nearly finish...
i get worried coz i have not enough tulle to fill the tutu ...
she made the last knot..
voila! instant tutu
we haven't fill enough the tutu but we have made it!
she was kinda happy with her tutu ( it please her the color = Pink )
Tutu for 1 euro, not bad. Next time, i should scout for black and red tulle. Not just tutu for my daughter but for me too hehehehe :)

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