Monday, November 19, 2012

Back in form

Back in form! back into our normal routine. After long days of getting sick at last, my daughter comes back to school actually, since last thursday. And me back into track! Woohoo :) While looking at the pictures on my previous iphone, i noticed one that actually hits my attention teka, hindi ba si Vasarely ito? i'm not sure ;) i am not good in Arts but it really reminds me of him or maybe it's our President Ninoy Aquino? hmm... peut-être!! ;))))
 taken from the patients waiting room of my daughter's pediatrician
my Bibingclara while playing and while we're waiting for the roll call :)
Basta whenever i see this, ang naalala ko ay Pera, o di kaya si Vasarely na pinuntahan ng class ni Bibingclara last Friday ( Sortie de l'école = Class tour in Musee en herbe accompany by Bibingclara's Papa, "Claudebiko" ) I will share next time yung Artwork ni Bibingclara from school na si Vasarely din na kulay itim na ginawa kong decorasyon na nilagay sa wall nung kame ay nag halloween party ( gawin daw bang panakot? ) at saka yung some photos during the childrens tour in Musee en herbe di pa kasi na-uupload nung photographer ko. Next post, also from the same street just few steps from the doctor's office. The Betty Boop from rue Goscinny :)

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