Saturday, October 27, 2012

Less time for blogging

For sure i will not let the month of October pass without having any post. I must admit that i am missing blogging. I have plenty of things to relate, but i have really less time. I have been busy with multiple weekend gathering for the past weeks. October is really special for me. Octoberfest as i called it. Can you believe that all my siblings is Octoberian? Ako lang ang naiba - December "Angel" hehehe that only means na ako ang pinakamabait at hindi pasaway :) Well, i will try to catch up all my pending kwentos promise, promise! For now i will leave you a very quick post before October ends ( malapit na pasko, teka halloween muna ) bago na naman ako maging super busy mom nito :). I will be very busy again for the preparation of our yearly halloween party here at home. Good thing i already sort out my ek-ek decoration for the party kahit paonti-onti :)
we are so excited! lalo na me :) i really made sure to hang the wreath on the door, beginning October palang
 we must install our decoration not earlier than 31st i am worried that my unica hija get scared too much and have some nightmares seeing them around the house.
 the undecided little witch ( thanks again to Cynthia and Léo who offered witch costume )
 still undecided what she'll wear as costume for our halloween party : witch, lady bug ( costume i bought in uk when we were there last april so cheap! in pounds store ) princess or pirate girl
For sure we will end up dressing her as pirate or princess ( she has the liberty of choosing of her own and yes at her age we let her do or else, its a war hahaha ). Usually, for this year our motif for the halloween party is "Orange" but i never seen jack o lantern costume for her.
Bibingclara has two weeks school vacation, but before the school ends she had a chance to bring what we had baked last wednesday, chocolate cookies as halloween treats for Bibingclara's class ( will do a separate post on this as there's another story in lieu of this )
chocolate cookies ( my first time working on glacing cookies )
My daughter get sick since thursday morning, but she was forcing herself to be in school bringing with her cookies ( she's really proud of it ). She is getting better now and i hope that she'll be 100% in good shape on wednesday night for our halloween party as we invited her favorite playmate/classmate. Me too, i guess i have to be in good shape as well to do motherly duties ( Bibingclara needs more of my attention when she's sick, Ma-nene ) i must go jump on bed now. Nite nite! until next post :)

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