Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm back ( again )

Hello there again, im back hehehe :) i have been very busy this past week-end puro lakwatsa  ( yes, i suppose to post it on now here ). Today, i had lunch at home with my friend who just arrived yesterday from Vietnam. We just only had a quick chitchat coz she must meet somebody else somewhere. Anyway, she just came in Paris for some days as she must accomplish some of her task. The meeting is so quick and she leave early. After washing the dishes, ( yes, we have no diswashing machine ) i have now my time ( while sipping a cup of coffee ) to blog dyandyararannnn :). After the bakasyon, nagpasukan kaya naman busying-busy ang beauty ko and after that kapag weekend naman puro lakwatsa at family day talaga pag linggo. Medyo naiiwanan ko na nga ang pagluluto at pag po-post ng food dito sa aking blog at sa isa ko pang blog na bago na hindi ko pa mag-update update hanggang ngayon hehehe busy lang talaga. Ang tanong, nagluluto pa ba ako ? o nagbe-bake? Ang sagot, of course kaya nga lang ang mga food post ko ay ipapaskil usually sa Pie's and S'more. Soon yan and i hope i'll do have plenty of time to concentrate on the food blog. For a while back to lakwatsa post. Last saturday, i went to the temple. I mean buddhist temple. I already went there last july, the post is here. This time, the invitation was for lunch and it was only me who came coz Bibingclara had music course that day. I took the metro alone na may "pagkaing bitbit" to bring to the temple. It was an hour journey, so i passed my time scrolling my mobile phone then when the metro stop, in one of the stop station ( i forgot the station name ) i took a quick shot of the old metro train as the photo below :)
i guess they have an exposition of old train that day ( i missed to get a shot of red train )
I arrived on time at exactly 10am at my friend's residence. I quickly sliced in little pieces the cake i brought for the gathering.
 banana-pineapple cake by Asian in America
i also hurriedly prepared the salad by mixing each and everything :)
 while waiting for the offering starts, i got the chance to take some photos with Ate Yol ( the friend who invited me ) and the food.
plenty of yummy foods ( each and everyone has their own contribution on the table )
 some dishes are spicy
 there were also salad ( with shrimps ) and beetroots
some table outside with flowers and lighted incents
 picture i took inside before the prayers begins
 intriguing how it reads
I stayed inside till the prayers have done. Though i didn't understand the language during the ceremony, to be there inside and to witness what there were doing, is an experience. I talked  and asked Ate yol, she said she also didn't understand everything.
 i took a photo infront after the prayer ( knowingly the 4 monks eating on the left side )
after the offering, the children's turn. that was ate yol's daughters plate hmmm... i saw it first merong dilis, kasuy, kanin and pansit à la chinois of Ate yol's :)
after the childrens, its our turn to attack hehehe that was my plate. i had little of everything :) merong talong, special rice, green beans ( promise it was spicy ), tuna curry and another tuna dish with lots of spices ( a typical Sri lankan dish as they told me ).
I enjoyed the food to the fullest. I saw the majority of them using their hands while eating ( parang gusto ko rin talagang magkamay ) as i observed kahit na mga babae "gabundok" ang plate and they mix everything when they eat hehehe parang sa atin mas masarap kumain nang ganun ang style. If fairness, nakadalawang balik ako kahit naghanap ako ng tubig hehehe. Kamukha rin sa atin, pagkatapos ng kainan me baon pa i mean me take home pa.
my take home kaya naman di na nag-jealous ang aking asawa dahil di sya nakasama
because Ate yol is generous, bukod sa 10 boxes baygon mat na binili nya sa akin ( hindi nagpabayad ) from Philippines, me pasalubong pa syang mangga, hopia monggo at cheesecake para sa amin ( tatlo yan kinain ko na yung isa sa tren pauwi hehe )
Ngayon, nagtatanong ako sa sarili ko papano ako papayat nito hehehe eh panay ang kain ko. Ohh tukso layuan mo ako hehehe. Yung mangga? sus, wag nang itanong inubos ni Bibingclara in one sitting. Next post, picking fruits in the countryside :)

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