Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Betty Boop Figurine No. 59 and 60

Complete! I wasn't hoping anymore for the Rugby Betty figurine coz the man in the library ( where i use to buy my magazine ) told me that they have no more and what i have got last time was the last figurine. He was wrong because it continues till no. 60. The man was kind enough to reserve me ( as usual ) the rugby girl and the last but not the least, the jogger. I'm happy! So here they are :)
 Betty Boop Figurine No. 59 ( Rugby player ) No. 60 ( Jogger )
my last depense, both for 17,98 euros
After 58, i have 59 and 60. Collection complete! thanks to mamang bilihan ng diyaryo hehehe :)

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