Monday, May 21, 2012

Tomatoes in every shape

I recently discover my daughter's love for tomatoes. She likes eating tomatoes with mozzarella balls. That's why when i go to the supermarket, i always make sure to have stocks of mozzarella thing. Yesterday, hubby and daughter went to Truffaut intently to buy a climbing plant that we'll gonna put on the balcony, but for some reason, they came home without climbing plants but with a pot of cherries tomato and red pear tomato plant :)
tomatoes bought from open market
So bad! It's raining all the day :( Hubby already transferred both tomato plants in a pots on the balcony ( all pots, includes heavy one from there are unremovable coz they're installed with steel wires ) Poor plants they're over drunk ( hehehe of water ) Poor us because according to weather info, today and tomorrow we'll be experiencing rain.

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