Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Minatamis ( Sweetened )

One of my favorite sweetened thing in the Philippines, ang "Minatamis"! I crave for those sweets and it always reminds me of my father who was also the one addicted on this kind of dessert. I still remember every christmas, we always have it on the table. My father also cook his own minatamis beans and we're eatin' it with suman ohh la la i am drooling right now!
sweetened garbanzos - chickpeas - pois chiches
macapuno - coconut sport strings ( my ultimate favorite)
I can ignore of some minatamis halo-halo ingredients, but not the macapuno. I am hoping that one day, the filipino store will sell the macapuno balls version. I should always be stick on the good mark because not all bottles of macapuno they're selling are good. 


Cielo said...

sa Pinoy store meron an ready made pero kadalasan di masarap hehehe.

Cielo said...

sarap din ito suman with ube halaya! haaay!

Maruhya said...

masarap yung tatak white king kung meron lang murang buko dito ako nalang gagawa hehehe oo nga suman and ube halaya wheww kaka-miss :)