Friday, April 6, 2012

National identity card and European passport

Oh my goodness! we get panique when we learned that the police station in 13 arrondissement has burnt. We didn't know that the fire already happened in the morning of April 1 ( sunday ) til we get a call the same day from Léo in Uk around 12pm informing us that he saw on tv that there was a fire in the police station from where i applied my identity card. I actually applied my id card 6 days ago before the fire has happened but there has been so many questions that keeps bugging our mind. Question 1. Do i get my identity card on the releasing date issued without any late? or do i need to re-apply again because of the incident? Question 2. Do we still keep the appointments that we already taken over the internet for our passport application? ( Renewal for Claudebiko )
mugs from incidence
Answer 1. YES! i could get my identity card in another police station arrondissement without re-applying necessary.
passport holder from etam
Answer 2. YES! we could still keep our Rendez-vous for passport application as it's already noted 
( in the same police station where i will get my id )
We can breathe now easily thanks to the employee of the police station where they answered properly our queries. They are "efficace"- efficient. Having my id is the main concern, i must have it on hand. We are going to spend some days in london before end of the month. In fact, we already purchased our Eurostar tickets so that id is a must. 


Cielo said...

enjoy London! Don't forget to drop by at Westfield for some serious shopping :-)

Maruhya said...

thanks cielo! you have given me an idea where to go to shop ( a bit hehehe ) coz i am planning to get/buy something for me when we get there :)