Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hairstyle : Only once a year

I had my haircut done last march before my citizenship ceremony. Our hairdresser reminds me that my last haircut was last year. Yap, she's right! My usual super-long hair was trimmed into layered as i requested. She was actually hesitated to overcut my hair because she doesn't want to be scolded by Mr. Claudebiko ( she was only joking ) I must accept that it is hard to maintain having long hair like mine, ang bigat at ang hirap shampoohin.
last photo taken before heading to the "Coiffeuse"-Hairdresser
I have medium-long hair right now and im happy with it "ang gaang ng feeling". Good thing she only charged me as normal fee like last year. My haircut schedule now only happens once in a year i must to wait na humaba ulet. One of these days, i should bring my daughter to the hairdresser as well to have her hair trim :)

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