Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet child of mine

I am proud of my little girl because she get progress on her drawing. Photos above shown her first drawing on the black board that her papa bought in Ikéa last december :)
her trial work at home after school
no suprise because in school, she make the same drawing
a human that looks like "sun"?
in the morning of Valentine's day my daughter woken me up telling " mama i did your portrait" i'm beautiful huh with nice teeth.
how nice and sweet my unica hija ( inside cinéma )
plastic beads for floral creations
She's not only nice and sweet to me, but also avec my friends ( les titas ). She tends to offer some of her drawing and her flower beads creations to them, but just in one condition " wag daw iuuwi yung bulaklak, ibalik daw sa kanya" hahaha more drawing and works on lettering of my daughter to be posted soon! :)

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