Sunday, February 5, 2012


It was snowing this morning. I went to the open market to buy some vegetable and fruits. I walked very slowly going way to the market mahirap na ang madulas hehehe. It's not a big snow, but still my daughter wants to play outside to make bonhomme de neige - snowman. Pity! snowflakes weren't enough to make one :(. Snowman is maybe for the next snowing days. Who knows? The other day, we experienced -10°c  and we had forgotten our oranges outside ( 2 kilos variety of mandarin and clementine ). Usually we put our vegetables and fruits outside when our fridge cannot occupied everything. Well, the oranges get frozen. Anyway, we can still find a way to consume our oranges even if they get frozen. Some idea's running in my head :)
like a simple decoration on cakes ( cheesecake i made 2-years or 3-years ago for our xmas party )
used canned oranges segments that my aunt gave me as pasalubong when she came visit france
can add on the salad -lettuce, quail eggs and crab sticks ( my first time matikman ang salad with dalandan sa bahay ng kumare ng ate ko )
or the orange juices can add to the fresh fruit salad- philippine mango, melons, banana and maybe pineapples? ( sa bahay pa rin ng kumare ng ate ko )
Maybe i can also add some juices on pork dishes, or simply drink it directly from the glass. Many, many possibilities imagine 2kilos we are not wasteful so we have to consume it asap :)

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