Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today's activity : glueing

Wednesday - no school! no baking session today but we made our day a productible one. We played a lot and had long bath together. This aftenoon after usual nap, we made our glueing activity. We actually planned to use Bibingclara's mini sewing machine, ( that she got as a christmas present from Claudebiko ) but we had no success ( the textile is too thick ) so the ending we used our UHU glue to stick our 3 bears on a piece of fabric. I cutted the bear's heads from the old gap leggings that Bibingclara doesn't use anymore. And sticking bears influenced by the fairy tale "boucle d'or et les trois ours", - goldilocks and the three bears ( i hope i have got a good translation ) which i red to Bibingclara last night before she sleeps. She likes the story and she interpreted bears as PAPA - the big bear MAMa - medium bear ( parang baligtad ako ata yung big bear and CLARA - as little bear :)
 it was Bibingclara who put her name down the small bear na master na nya ang pagsulat ng kanyang name. she also drew some on a paper :)
 she draw bears and the little circle is her little bear
She also impressed me by writing a letter. She's improving writing letters specially letters that includes in her name.
and small R
Nice job! i show it to her father and Claudebiko said we must put it in a frame. Souvenir! at 3 1/2 years old wow! bravo Bibingclara! we are so proud of you :)

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