Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Siomai or shumai - this one is my pork siomai version that i've learned from a cousin. Pahabol sa chinese new year! aside from missing "tikoy",- a glutinous rice cake very popular during chinese new year, i also missing eating siomai. Of course, i prefer not buying frozen one from asian's store i make my own but next time i'll improve my siomai wrapper must try to get a better rice wrapper :)
the last time i made siomai so long time ago :)
I used wonton wrapper last time. Like i said, i must get a better wrapper ( another kind ) for my siomai maybe this coming sunday after seeing the dragon dance in Chinatown here in Paris. I must not forget also buying chili garlic sauce as well for dipping. I am itching to use my new steel steamer that has been bought in Ikéa (",)

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