Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucky me

Sounds like instant noodles ( lucky me- a noodle brandname in the philippines ) hehehe yep! i like noodles but when you are lucky, like me you can afford to buy something more than noodles :)
photo taken will on the queue
Walking down the street, ( pretty woman hahaha kumanta daw ba? ) going Poissonnerie - fish shop found a bill of 10 euros. Lucky me, hulog ng langit. Wait ano nga bang gagawin ko sa isdaan? Of course, we were on vacay that time in Brittany so ang hinahanap-hanap ay Oyster yep i was buying Oysters :)
because of my luckiness, i can able to buy a bottle of white wine at isang baguette
oysters from the fish shop
Ang kabuluhan ng talaba, Wine+butter and bread+pampatak kong yelllow citron awww sarap! Lucky me talaga wink (",)

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