Monday, January 30, 2012

Dragon dance parade

We've seen a little the dragon dance parade in the chinatown yesterday. We're suppostedly watch a spectacle near place but unfortunately the parade already started so we cannot cross the road, some streets are close, no buses, and the streets are packed with people who are watching the yearly parade as a celebration of a chinese new year.  we missed the seance of 2pm so no choice, we waited the parade to be done! I get myself a chance to take some photos while in waiting, but really sorry i didn't took the best shots ( feeling pro hehehe ) i just clicked there and clicked here whateverrrr sobrang dameng tao kaya puro ulo ang nasa picture ko hehehe :)
the 2 dragons dancing
budha 1
budha 2
the last but not the least
we walked and because Bibingclara's with us automatic karga-karga yan :)
posing she was actually looking by the display
After the parade, we headed to the theatre to watch the spectacle as we promised to our unica hija. We walked along the chinese area. Actually, we entered in the chinese temple pa nga hoping na they have exit to cross going to the other side. We continued and on our way, we saw a chinese boutique ( o pharmacie ) selling herbal medecine. I remember, i watched it on a tv ( same boutique ) featuring how they compose herbal remedies :) Up next, spectacle in la cachette :)

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