Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life at home

My unica hija is still sick. Imagine, we went to the doctor thrice and the last finding was a sore throat. We get so stressed when she get sick. Worries all the time :(. She's under antibiotic and taking some syrup. We are very eager for the good result of her medication so that everything will get back into normal . Hoping she could go school as well on monday as we noticed that she really gets bored and tired being sick. Bibingclara is a type of kid who's very active and lively! She never stops doing things even at home. She would do things intelligently while playing :)
during coffee time after meal
she would arrange the colors of her chocolate coated candies ranging on the sides of chocolates squares in order ( dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate )
she would try to differentiate the types of vanilla we have at home ( during baking )
scenting the vanilla extract
vanilla pod is better smells like candy hmm...
observing while the rain pours
can't go play outside because it's wet :)
We are wishing well that she would get better and better. Time to sleep, i have to get off to bed with her of course :)

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