Tuesday, November 22, 2011

City of sciences and industry

Our first visit in Museum of Science and Industry. The same day, we decided to get a family card. With a subscription and as a member we can go see some exposition without fee ( cool ) though need a reservation in advance. Of course, as we have a card, we can come back as often as we want. The goal? to play and see things in a maximum way :)
direction map in english - french
first thing, we let Bibingclara play with water ( super enjoy )
pumping time ( observing the air comes out while pumping )
looking at the mirror
playing on a touchscreen
spotted boops boops fish :) yeahhhhhhh
in aquarium
looking at the fishes
posing for the sake of photo
listening audio about planets with tonton jim
we were also in planetarium ohhh what a sky life!
we went up seeing plants ( interior ) in the end
we saw american berries
and plants called griffes ou doigts de sorcières - witch's fingers or fingernails ( i am not good in plants i totally forgot its name )
Yep, we headed home after plant visit and yes its true there are so many things to see and discover but one whole day isn't enough our second visit up next ... :)

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