Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vietnamese food love affair

I love vietnamese food and it was actually the reason why i am so inspired in cooking like today for our dinner i will be serving soup à la vietnamienne! Each time i meet my vietnamese friend Giang, we always go for a soup in the vietnamese restaurant oh i would love to experience the soup in vietnam! hope soon kaso ang mahal ng pamasahe! calling aunt issaaa woohooo lol :). One night, we have another vietnamese friend Diem, she was actually fed up of eating european food during her europe tour so what i did is, i brought her to the chinese area where all the vietnamese restaurants are everywhere. She experienced her vietnamese soup for the first time in PARIS :)
                                       in front of the restaurant with diem while in a queue
                                          sidings and condiments for pho soup
It was not actually our first experience, in real we eat vietnamese food each time when we were in lakwatsahan. We also eat soup in Elysées-bonheur in Champs-Elysées and knowing that the owner is from Ho chi minh ville so diem chatted a little with the owner in their dialect :)
                                         toge hmmm parang me kakilala akong matakaw dito
At hindi pa yan lahat nagtatapos, before her flight abay humabol pa kameng mag lunch sa chinese area para lang kumain ng napaka-sarap na soup :)
                         diem ordered pork soup like when we were in Champs-Elysées
                              i ordered rice noodle soup with braised beef for a change
                                    and rice noodle soup with beef balls for Bibingclara
Yummy! my daughter loved it! i hope tonight everybody will love the soup, nice for the chilly weather :)

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