Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The chef cooks

Oct. 2 - the chef's bday! LEO. We just greeted him a happy birthday that day and Bibingclara sang a bday song with her guitar that we posted on facebook for her kuya léo :). Soon, Leo will be a propriétaire of a restaurant. Wishing all the best for him as our birthday wishes and he may continue all his projects with lots of luck and courage. Would like to share the foods that he cooks during our vacation in Brittany :)
                                         Léo and Bibingclara with the grilled fishes
ready-ing fishes to be on the grill. he puts some herbs and spices
                                         grilling time
                                         ratatouille preparation
                                         to be partner with grilled pork steaks
                                         dyaran! - we ate the food that the chef cooks 
Again, belated happy birthday and good luck chef :) will looking forward seeing you soon :)

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