Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's day / Fête des méres

Last sunday was a celebration of mother's day ( US calendar ) but here, mother's day will be in may 29 ( our garage sale day ). We do not actually celebrate mother's day ( sorry mom for not greeting you hehehe ) but i do appreciate all the mother's day greetings i've got from facebook ( Claudebiko's account ). Thank's to my pamangkin who also made video ( mother's day presentation ) for us ( siblings ). We were at the park last sunday when my daughter came and gave me a leaf saying " mama, keep it! put it in your bag!" it is a souvenir that she wants i keep ( a mother's day offering i guess ). Now i get it! she gave me dahon instead of flower hahaha matipid itong anak ko menos gastos para daw sa mother's day na hindi namin sinecelebrate ) no, in real we didn't encourage Bibingclara picking flowers lalo na sa park. She's into dahon nowadays and even the small branches of plants naku pupulutin nya yan at iuuwi sa bahay :)
my treasure dahon cute! 
And speaking of pagtitipid, after park we were actually searching some place where we could have ice cream ( sarado ang starbucks at walang ice cream dun kundi puro cream hehehe ) On our way, we had stop to the café where her kuya léo's working before ( a café near cinema ). They also have ice cream in that café. We ordered a cornetto ice cream for Bibingclara ( we shared ) and a cup of coffee for Claudebiko :)
the ice cream eater
We get for free what we have ordered ( menos nga noh ) one of léo's ex co-worker didn't let us pay. That's how we spent our sunday afternoon last week. Kuripot tipid sulit mode hehehe :)

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