Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I went to the supermarket the other day searching for chicken fillet but what a surprise because the cold meat section was almost empty. Maybe the reasons are stock inventory or no meat delivery that day ( just guessing ) i have no choice but to get something i could cook for dinner. Good thing i spotted duck filet. I do not know much of duck cooking ( i just only buy roasted peking duck in the chinese store ) i picked up the last pack and said, i would search a recipe over the internet so makakain ka din namen hilaw na kwak-kwak :)
                                                              duck filet of reflets de france
There are so many recipes for duck filet but i chose the simpliest one, i thought of making it with honey in the beginning because i have a jar of honey ready in the pantry but when i checked our fridge i found out that we still have mustard and cream so i have got an idea that i could cook it also with cream on it ( thinking that Claudebiko and Bibingclara would like it more ) so i go for a cream sauce :)
duck filet with cream sauce on the go.....
Here's how :
In the frying pan, melt about a spoonful of butter sear both sides of duck fillet about 3minutes. In the bowl mix 3 tablespoon of mustard, 15 cl of cream then pour in the cream mixture onto duck filet. Salt and pepper to taste. Let it cook for about 5 minutes uncover. Serve and enjoy.
Best with warm rice or pasta :)

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