Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coca cola special edition

Spotted 3 different collectioner edition coca-cola coke bottles from 3 different supermarkets. The heat is on so i couldn't resist popping each day to quench my thirst :)
left- Monoprix middle- Carrefour right- Franprix
even the bottlecaps are so cute!
It reminds me my younger days, you cannot imagine how many bottlecaps i collected. Grabe! isang plastic na sari-saring mga tansan ( laruan ng poor hehehe ) mostly they're from beers. Ahhh coke! lasang coke pa din! they're so cute isn't it? and it's nice to collect them instead na itapon :) anyways, the price is starts from 1 euro to 1.50 euro only affordable pamatid uhaw. Burp! at me libreng dighay pa pagkatapos hehe :)

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