Sunday, March 13, 2011

Virgin no more

After having virgin mobile , as our mobile telephone provider for long 4 years, now it is all over! Saying goodbye to them. Why? here's the story. We purchased a new sim card ( promo rate, 1 for hubby and one for me ) flashing from our mailbox sent by A promo wherein you can avail sim card for 1 euro only with monthly charge of 9.90 euros per month 3hrs call plus sms unlimited/ instead of 19.90 euros per month. We never hesitated to take this opportunity because this kind of promo is really interesting. Hubby completed all the requirements and the necessary papers for it and did the termination of our previous subscription at the same time. After few days of waiting, Hubby's sim card arrived by postal but mine wasn't honored!
                                                                  virgin mobile sim card
We were so upset, we called the virgin mobile call center many times and sent non-stop emails asking why didn't honored mine, but they cannot answer us clearly why they didn't honored my purchase and yet they're asking me to pay 100 euros to claim that promotion! What a heck! oh boy, reading back the contract there is no reason for i will pay that amount. I am not concern at all! that's a bullshit! why they didn't review my folder, reminding them that i am their costumer since 2006. Why they didn't granted my purchase? no reason and till now we haven't hear anything from them and my purchase is still in pending status :(
my new sim ( it is now in my new mobile )
I couldn't take anymore without having mobile line ( that's absolutely virgin mobile's fault ) so i ended up purchasing a new sim card from zero forfait also thru internet. This one is also interesting, sms unlimited for 9.90 euros per month just except if i make calls, 0.19 counts as another charge. I am not using much calls as we have free mobile calls from our landline so with zero forfait fixed rate, i guess it fits me well! :) I am not at virgin mobile anymore but there's one thing for sure,  di ko kayo tatantanan! you have to do something with it!  it's your obligation! or else we will end up suing you! huh it will costs us nothing! kapag me katwiran, IPAGLABAN MO! 

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