Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dora the explorer

Dora - another hit tv animation show. One time, when we were watching some mickey mouse video on Youtube, Bibingclara diverted her attention by watching some clips of dora ( it has also french version ) and what i remember after seeing some of dora's little clips Bibingclara learnt singing sac a dos...sac a dos... ( back pack ) funny! it has been always a hit to the kids when they heard the music jingle. Anyway, we neglected of watching dora ( in fact any video ) from youtube because of the numerous publicity flashing through the screen before the video starts. Annoying! Well, here are some Dora items that my daughter has at home even without watching dora's video, she can still always remember Dora as in D-O- R- A  :)
                                      Dora beach ball bought in the souvenir shop last summer
                                                     Dora treasure box bought in Claire's
                                                   ( where i keep Bibingclara's dummies )
                                                       small ball that we found in the park
Dora bubbles bought in the hospital ( toy shop ) / Dora handwash from Cynthia
Dora undies from Cynthia 
Mostly, her dora items are useful for the summer especially the dora bubbles. Next time, will share and post all her princesses items :)

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