Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100% Mum

Being a mom is a lifetime career, needs time and energy and most of all "patience". We were only 3 in the family and yes very thankful that i can still handle being a 100% mom to my two frenchy. Yes, i do food, manage our household, taking care of our little girl and still have time left for me. I have no recipe but its just a matter of time, time management :)
our living room that was converted into play room ( Bibingclara's toy everywhere )
So lucky because with the work time schedule of Claudebiko i can easily handle everything so thankful as well for his big contribution when he's home :)
time to make some noise mama
Bibingclara gets growing and everytime i do the household chores she would like to participate in a little way even if just for playing that ended up doble trabaho for me :)
                              well-trained Bibingclara cleaning up her renovated room
mopping the floor before the party begins
Yeah, working with her needs patience, patience and patience also trying to be a 100% cool mum :) with your kids, are you cool enough mum to handle everything? :)

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