Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pagkaing Pinoy

We love eating filipino foods and i've got the chance to have a husband and a daughter who are not so picky except from dinuguan ( blood ) and sinigang ( naasiman ). Obviously, for me, uhmm i eat everything!!! and when the time comes that i am truly missing some dishes that i couldn't easily make well, the solution is ready to eat food that can easily bought :)
                           dinuguan and lechon paksiw from goldilocks bought in Philippines
Ready made foods are actually no, no, no to Claudebiko and Bibingclara that's why i always make sure to cook food for them everyday. Sinasamantala ko lang when they're not home, i'm satisfying eating them using my hands ( ho ho ho )
kangkong / water spinach / liseron d'eau
When cooking kangkong i opted to nilagang kangkong and with matching sawsawang bagoong ( super like ni Claudebiko and he prefers than putting kangkong in sinigang though he could eat okra from sinigang but sawsawang bagoong pa rin ang trip nya ). I usually buy a nice bunch of kangkong from chinese store not to mention the price dahil para kang hinoldap na parang pati ang pambili mo ng isda ay nawala dahil sa mahal nya :)
corn / maïs 
Claudebiko doesn't eat corn in no other way only nilaga with lots of butter melting on top and Bibingclara likes it in a salad ( at the nursery ) 
chicken adobo
Adobo is Bibingclara's favorite so i always make sure to cook it once in a week ( family's favorite ). She eat adobo with lot's of rice in her plate. Sauce palang solve na! thanks to datu puti toyo at sukang puti! toink! :)

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