Friday, December 17, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow!

We experienced a big snow in Paris last week after 20 years ngayon lang ulet nangyari and that time Claudebiko missed it coz he was in brazil with his son. As the weather report said, it'll gonna snow again this week so this afternoon we experienced some pero konti lang talaga ( hoping it'll fall to the fullest this evening )
I have taken some photos in the balcony last wednesday, view from the window :)
want ice scramble or halo-halo?
our iced bike
happy Bibingclara no need to go out somewhere to play and ski
not just for the kid but i was happy too when snowing
( taken 6 months after i gave birth )
now, Bibingclara's turn! Brrrrr....
Sana, sana mag snow ulet at mas ok kung ito ay sa christmas day. Advance snowy christmas!!! :)

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