Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas party 2010

We celebrated our christmas party last saturday, Dec 18, 2010. We're not numerous as expected because it was snowing hard that day. Like last year's xmas party, we also had our exchange gifts done :)
                                                               filipino xmas party 2009
                                                             wacky pose xmas party 2010
Here are some foods and yummy desserts that we've been shared together after the parlor games :)
                                                           battered shrimps ( thanks dith )
                                                            foie gras canapé ( thanks sori )
As appetizer, we had battered shrimps ( with sweet and sour sauce ), foie gras and smoked salmon canapé. Main course, we had Sinigang na salmon, Beef curry, Bicol express and Nilagang buntot ng baka hmmmm... and of course, loads of dessertssss :)
                                                             squash pie ( thanks clé )
                                                                 brazo ni mama guds
                                                   vanilla-mocha cake from the pastry shop
My recent classmate aleksandra ( from french course ) and her family joined us too in our little salu-salo :)
                                                               with maison family
with party people
ready for an exchange? 
                                                            the sweet tooths ( dessert time )
                                                                   calling gift no 8 :)
                                                           so happy for what cléo got!
                                                                   axel and Bibingclara
We had fun kahit na ilan-ilan lang kme. Nakaraos ang christmas party! Everybody's happy :) Maligayang Pasko Ho ho hoooo till next year :)

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