Monday, November 22, 2010

Trip to Eiffel tower

The day of my blog birthday, Bibingclara and i went to the Eiffel tower. It was raining that day! Claudebiko wasn't here for two days ( he's in ile de ré ). I texted him and saying that we were up high of eiffel tower after a few minutes i got a reply, saying how strange that we were there inspite of a very bad weather. This was Bibingclara's first time to be up in Eiffel tower. She was very excited! Before going up when we're still on the queue to get our ticket ( good di mahaba ang pila ) nakatulog na sya sa balikat ko hanggang sa  pumanik na kame using lift i let her sleep muna for more than half an hour ( naupo muna ako ) then nung magising na sya she was in a good mood :)
                                                            my cutie princess na super smile
                                   super nilalamig talaga kame kasi mahangin pero picture pa din
         i took a photo while waiting the lift ( good i haven't bring a stroller kundi istorbo )
                                                   some photos while we're in second level
a foggy view from up
Before leaving and going down, i bought a souvenir for Bibingclara at the souvenir shop. We haven't stay too long. We just had a little tour around, ate leek potatoe soup in the corner and headed to my friend sorina's house. I realized nakakapagod pala lalo na't walang stroller na dala habang buhat-buhat ko ang mabigat na si Bibingclara na me hawak na payong habang naglalakad sa ulan. Iba talaga kame mag trip mag-ina hehehe :)

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