Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh la la 1-year PinayFries na!

So fast! Pinayfries will blow its first candle! whoooewww! My 300th post today! still courageous and very inspire relating stories ( anything and everything ) about our daily life. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks and i love you to my two favorite desserts Cladebiko and Bibingclara. Also thanks for the inspiration of constructing my blog from a blogger mom/friend Rizza ( salamat gurl ) and thanks also to some of my readers ( specially friends and families as silent readers) sana wag mapagod magbasa hehehe :)
                                           my first baked bibingka when i arrived year 2006
                                                                loads of desserts
                                                    ( banana cake, mini cassavas, bibingka )
The super cook ( cutting veggies for pancit while Claudebiko grating fresh cassava )
Interview kuno hahahaha feeling professional!!! 

There will be some changes from Pinayfries? Yes, i will try to make and create more pages and also trying sorting out those entry in a good/proper order.

What about surprises ? Yes, i already planned it but with a lack of time i better yet do it next time.

more recipes? yes, yes and yes will post more precise recipes and what's happening more in my kitchen.

any tips? yes and no. im not an expert! i am still new in my adventurous world of cooking hehehe 

wish for Pinayfries ? will last up to years and years, exchange idea's and gain friends from other bloggers too.

Good luck Pinayfries! Merry One-Year Birthday!! Cheers!!! :)

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