Saturday, October 30, 2010


In our weekly menu planning, ( i haven't still posted yet ) it has always soup included lalo na ngayong so chilly and when the time i had missed to make our own "bouillon", i relay to Knorr instant soup :)
      Flavors : Sweet potatoes and squash / Cèpes mushrooms / Leek with shrimps
They're all creamy soups and swak na swak sya kainin with rice. I got them for a promotional price and that's bonus! Just add and mix to 350ml water then bring to a boil then ready na. Good for 3 persons.
onions pierced with cloves 
This is how i make our home made soup stock ( when i have plenty of time in the kitchen i made stock one or two days ahead just conserve them in the fridge or freezer for future purpose ) It was Claudebiko who taught me by piercing onions with cloves ( he had learnt it from his mom )  oo nga malasa, pero nakakaiyak dahil tinadtad ko talaga sya ng cloves ( Claudebiko said 2 or 4 cloves are enough hehe )
vegetable stock
3 turnips
1 carrot
Place all the vegetables in the large pot with 2L of water and boil for an hour. Salt and pepper to taste. I used my vegetable stock when i make clear or creamy soup or even for vegetable purée. Next time will post soup recipes! sabaw ni lola hehehe :)

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