Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shi-nampoo lang yan

You would think that am gonna use it for cooking but nope! It's for my hair :). I used to have long hair even before and treated them once in a while with mayonaise ( believing that it gives volume and shineness to the hair ) it's true! proven! like what they're showing in the movie ( i saw in one of the movie of nora aunor hehehe her role as a hairdresser ) but now i would love more spreading mayonaise on my bread better than for my hair hehehe :). One day, i went to the asian store and found a bottle of pure coconut oil from Sri lanka. I bought it! it also reminds me the payo of my lola, she said maganda daw ito sa buhok at ipahid pagkatapos maligo. Having a very long hair it becomes not so easy to manage they're becomes dry because of the heat ( sun exposure ), split-ends ( na i istress ang hirap suklayin ) and couple of months ago i treated my long hair because of  flea na hindi ko alam kung saan nanggaling :(.
pure coconut oil 
Practical way instead of using hair treatments that we can buy in the supermarket ( Claudebiko doesn't agree when i buy something na me chemicals ). I can buy fresh coconut here pero ayaw ko nang magkudkod pa ( matrabaho ) He said OO with the coconut oil in a bottle kasi ito rin ang gamit nya nung sya ay long hair pa nung kabataan nya hehehe :)
pampalandi products bought in Philippines
I missed to buy virgin coconut oil from philippines though i bought some of my preferred products that i couldn't find here when we got home last time like panglinis ng kuko ( pero walang pang kikil/kudkod ) i can only find nail polish remover here. Oilatum bar soap ( mercury drug or watson ) i can find here in the pharmacy pero super mahal. Ponds facial wash ( maganda sya sa face trusted! ) i can find nivea facial care kapag naubos. Shampoo ng kabayo ( ewan ko ba kung bakit ako napabili nito ) sabi ng sales lady maganda daw ito lalo na sa mahahaba ang buhok but hey dito ata ako nagka-kuto :)
frustrated model posing in the beach
I have a story, when i was 12 or about 13 years old ( i can't remember exactly ) i used to go malling every sunday. I was in the mall that time ( grand central monumento to be precise ) when there was a gay who came  to me and telling kukunin nya daw akong model ng pantene shampoo. WHAT??? iba talaga ang raket they trick you with their sweet tongue and made you believe na totoo. Well, that's what i experience! gantso, gancho lang yan. Ang shampoo ko nuon ay ivory hehehe nag endorse daw ba ( ang gaang-gaang ng feeling! by geneva ) sumunod shinampoo lang yan rejoice effect ( i cant remember the korean girl endorser sandra o sandrina ) ngayon shampoo ng marselaise. Grabe ang baduy ng mood ko ngayon hahahaha wala kasi akong gaanong tulog :(

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