Thursday, August 26, 2010

Charlotte aux fraises / Strawberry Charlotte

Speaking of strawberry, (it was actually my late post) hindi lang kame ang nahuhumaling sa fruit na ito! pati na rin ang aking friend na si jenny. I remember last year, i made strawberry tarte for her birthday in ile de ré and since she likes and become loka in strawberry i thought of making her an easy strawberry cake like strawberry charlotte last july :) It was a practice version using the tupperware cake mold ( bundt ) of my mother in law ( Claudebiko's said her mother Charlotte aux fraises was really so so soo good ) I researched plenty of recipe and this is actually my first try :)
You will need :
250g stawberry ( charlotte )
4 pots of strawberry yoghurt ( used gervais )
100g white sugar
24 pcs. lady fingers
20cl cream
1 tbsp. kirsch ( or grand marnier )
Procedure :
Add a tablespoon of kirsch into the water and gently soak lady fingers biscuits then lined them into the cake mold. Washed and cut the strawberries set aside. In a bowl, mix in the cream+sugar+strawberry yoghurt.
Layered the cut strawberries on the bottom of the cake mold, line it with soaked lady fingers and pour on the mixed cream.
Re-begin the procedure by alternating/layering cut strawberries, soaked lady fingers and mixed cream
Finished by layering soaked lady fingers biscuits on top. Cool in the fridge for about an hour
After cooling time in the fridge, get a big plate and turn the cake mold upside down
That's how it looks like inside
Get a slice, serve and enjoy! :)
She's concentrating eating mama's charlotte aux fraises
I may not success the very best strawberry charlotte in the whole wide world, but it was a blissful to see that my two french fries liked my version! hmmm... well, practice makes perfect! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

looks yummy naman ah! naku Maruh swerte ni Claudebuko sa iyo, tiyaga at ang galing mo sa kitchen!

Maruhya said...

masarap sya kahit na medyo ma cream na absorb talaga nung biscuit yung liquid at cream. nku si Claudebiko nagrereklamo na nga eh laki na daw lalo ng tiyan nya kakakain ng mga desserts na ginagawa ko hehehe :)