Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gift from Mama et Papa

Bibingclara had received her beautiful gifts from her tita's and that's not all! We opted to give our gifts to her on the real day of her big day :)
                opening her gifts from Mama ( with the presence of Mia )
I offered her a music box with an elephant turning while the music is on ( it reminds my childhood, we had a ballerina music box when we were young )
I like colorful stuff! Bibingclara love it so much 
 I also offered her an umbrella ( she often see it in some of her book )
 Her papa gave her magnetic animal puzzle from fnac eveil
She played it right away and place them on our heater, an easily access for her ( it can stick on the fridge too )
Claudebiko and i bought our gifts for Bibingclara separately from different place and different store. What a coincidence because we payed almost the same amount for those gifts. When i checked our credit card ticket, i was surprised! then, i told to Claudebiko that we must play lotto hehehe maybe we'll have chance to win by playing with the lucky numbers and who knows hehehe :)
Nice gift from papa! it develops more her memory playing with those animal magnetic puzzle
Bravo Bibingclara! She just had less mistakes putting on her animal puzzle ( a two year old little girl can do that! amazing! ) I hope you'll continue that way anak. Papa and Mama are always her to support you all the way. Keep it up! keep it up! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

mana sa mommy! Ang cute naman ng mga magnetic animal puzzle :)

Maruhya said...

nagmana nga ata pero wag sana yung katawan joke! hehehe yap! magandang idea nilaro nya kaagad at least me libangan sya :)