Monday, July 19, 2010

Bibingclara's day

Today is the official date of Bibingclara's birthdate. Bibingclara's 2 years birthday wooo yipeee!!! Nothing special just we spent our time the whole day at home ( Claudebiko and i had a bottle of champagne before dinner ) we are very happy to have a wonderful daughter like Bibingclara. Bibingclara opened our gifts to her this morning ( she got gift too from the concierge of our building just today founded in our mailbox ) and she was so very happy for what she have got ( nilaro kaagad ). Late afternoon today, she fell down! me pasa ang front head at me pasa sa gilid ng mata ( accidentally when she's trying to stand up on the lap of her papa ) tsk tsk tsk! Experience! umpisa palang yan ng kalikutan :) but she's ok now medyo nag co complain pero she feels better actually she's already on bed. Syempre, i would like to thanks all my friends ( to tata's ) who came yesterday. It was really fun! fun! fun! Nag enjoy talaga si Bibingclara. Love you guys! :)
                               Today around 9:30 am while watching her favorite nursery rhyme
We are very thankful because she's always in the mood even if sometime she get some little sickness without reason ( like last friday her right hand get swollen, insect bites, very sensitive itchy skin and last saturday she had a high fever na muntik na namang tumirik ang mata, siguro nag iipin last na tubo na ) i was in the open market doing our food shopping for the party ( instinct talaga ) that's why nung nasa palengke me parang gusto kong lumipad para umuwi ng bahay ( i only spent one hour out lang naman sa bahay when i do marketing ) good thing because the next day ( sunday ) she had no more fever. Nakisama kasi me party sya hehehehe. Seriously, my anak is so intelligent at 2 years she knows everything! she speaks well and she show / tell things that i can never imagine ( kinokorek na ang french ko hehehe )
See how happy she was while carrying one of her gifts with her exaggerating smile
The one and only birthday card she got received this morning ( thanks madame rankovic for the manifique drawing! )
A nice drawing from Axel yesterday ( a simple and treasure one )

To all tata's Merci! merci! merci! et encore MERCI !!! more photos to be posted soon! Nite nite! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

Oh, Happy Happy Birthday to Clara!!! grabe Maruh, ngayon lang ako naka-visit uli sa blog mo, super busy mag-review ng bunso ko dahil exam week nila ngayon. Buti na lang at tapos na tomorrow... even sa blog ko ay di ako nakakapag-post... i'll try to post new entries maybe later :)

Clara - take care!!!

Maruhya said...

thank you riz! oo nga na missed ko ang pagbabasa ng blog mo. syempre being super mom mas importante ang suporta para sa aral ng anak! good yan keep it up! ako din naging super busy nasa bakasyon kame pero parang di rin bakasyon non stop din ang kilos ko at no time talaga to blog well, will try to post some din pag tulog na ang aking mahal na Bibingclara hehehe :)