Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bibingclara's Bday celebration

As i said, we celebrated a double celebration last sunday at home. We put some chairs in the balcony and thank god! It was really fine weather. It was so fun! fun! fun! too :)
The birthday celebrants ( my friend jenny, bibingclara and axel ang kaisa-isang batang bisita ng aking unica hija )
Of course, ang aking mga friends ay always on the go to help me in the kitchen ( thanks ate yolly, clé and amy )
They brought food na talaga namang yummy! yummy! ( good job! mama guds and jojie )
I cooked all the favorite filipino foods ni Bibingclara and syempre di mawawala ang aming birthday pancit
I made lemon cheesecake ( for Bibingclara) charlotte aux fraises ( for jennybib ) and my friend brought 2 batches of cassava cake
Visitors with their suso drinks! hehehe ( suso drinks in can -real fruit juice mixed in soda water ) they're imported from uk binili ko kahit mahal dahil suso sya hehehe just for fun! :) i look disgusting in this photo! diet naaaaaaa
At ang mga party animals na nagbatang isip hehehe .... thank you guys! jen and bibingclara's bday wasn't possible without you mwahhhh just like last year we celebrated their bday in my mother in law's house and we played games in the beach (mega effort they took train to attend for the celebration ) Once again thank you's and see you soon in paris after vacation :)

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