Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Big Girl

Last saturday was the 23th month's of Bibingclara. Time is really so fast and without noticing she's getting biggie now. Next month, she will gonna have a little celebration at the nursery with her little friends. Next school year, ( probably this year month of september ) she will go down ( regrouping ) with some of her recent classmates.
                                        with her favorite playmate in the nursery
The little boy on her side will be in the same group where Bibingclara belong. They usually play together even in the park beside the nursery place. When i asked Bibingclara each time she comes home "with whom you played today? have you eaten well this afternoon? have you had a good day?" then she will reply "yeah, with pablo! with pablo! and pablo again and again hehehe obviously, pablo is a name that she can easily remember among others ( they were friends, her preferred playmate ) It's been a year also that she's into crêche ( nursery ) so fast, so fast! then after she will go school na. It was a great help for her being in the nursery where she learned a lot ( they do early-learning activities regularly ). We are so happy for the good result and her intelligency. Now, she speaks well, count, sing, and do silly things ( that's normal ) and the only thing that we are waiting for is when she will learn to read ( Claudebiko's nephew learned to read at 3 ). Bibingclara likes book but i dont think she can be gifted as him but huh who knows :) Here are some works of Bibingclara that we keep as treasure.
sticking shapes, 1 of the activity that Bibingclara enjoy ( she knows all the colors since she was 1 1/2 y/old )
             drawing, draw as she likes ( never forget to give complements that's important )
At home, a little activity to introduce alphabets and numbers. Amazing! she knows everything now. Keep it up my girl! my big girl :)

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