Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Papa's day!

Last sunday it was Father's day i haven't spoken to my papa to greet him that day! well, soon i will give him a ring ( he's living in Zambales ). Even if we dont talk regularly, i know he's fine. My Papa is a good cook and i guess i get the passion of cooking from him. I missed you Pa! will talk to you soon. Now, talking about papa ni Bibingclara. Claudebiko and Bibingclara has all the time in this world to make things together ( papa's girl ) He can let Bibingclara to drive the car but not me huh :( I can see myself to Bibingclara when she do things with Claudebiko. I remember the same way when i was little when my father used to bring me to his work place just to play like a real driver in his big truck ( papa has the frustation of not having a little boy so ginawa akong lalaki hehehe )
Bibingclara's driving lesson with her papa
Claudebiko was the happiest father in the world the day when Bibingclara was born ( a baby girl that he's been wishing has granted )
We gave our little gift to Claudebiko actually a day before the real date of father's day. A set of shirt/short na pambahay and a pair of bedroom slippers both with the same print of " ang aking ama"
It was the first time i saw this print in different languages and was a surprise to see tagalog on it. Bought in Casino  hypercasino supermarket massena ( fête des pères edition )
                                                 Father and daughter
An opportunity to say THANK YOU Claudebiko for being a good father ( i will not tell that you are the best but i know that you're doing your best to be a good one ) thank you as well for being a good husband to me. Merci papa for being machunurin you really made a big contribution in our daily life's routine hehehe ( taga laba, taga hugas ng pinggan at taga vacuum ) Hehehe mon bébé j'ai fait pipi en rigolant :)
Ben, je suis sérieuse maintenant! Merci beaucoup bébé pour d'être toi! merci pour tout! je t'aime à la folie! n'oublie pas mon betty hehehehe ( naihi ako habang tumatawa :) seryoso na ako ngayon! salamat ng marami sa iyo sa pagiging totoong ikaw! salamat sa lahat! mahal kita! wag mong kalimutan ang aking betty )
Parang bahay kubo ang dating nito ah ( courgette, aubergine, poivron,tomate,onion,ail )
Dahil Papa's day! at si Claudebiko ay nasa mood magluto kapag ako ay tinatamad sa kusina nagluto siya ng Ratatouille and Roasted lamb. Recipe of Claudebiko's ratatouille and roasted lamb will be next time. The best ang luto ni Claudebiko. Merci encore mon bébé! Happy father's day! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

Ang cute ng mga pics, hehehe... katuwa yung slippers Maruh...I just gave hubby a shirt nung father's day :)

Maruhya said...

automatic ata yan riz kapag ala tayong maisip na iregalo t-shirt agad ang nasa isip kasi naman ang kokonti lang ng items na panglalake :)

claude-maruh-clara said...

Mahal na Mahal kita Mahal ko, ma femme ko to . je t'adore.

Maruhya said...

love yah too bé mwah!