Sunday, February 28, 2010

Souvenirs / Des Souvenirs

I bought some souvenir for the baptismal of Bibingclara. At first, i am thinking to buy something little cutie thing with a touch of paris but choosing a particular thing needs a lot of time. Since, i bought the souvenirs the day before our departure (good thing nakahabol sa sale hehehe) i found little cutie nice color boxes and hooks from Potiron
                                   It's a rectangular box for milk/baby wisdom tooth and metal hooks
I just bought limited pieces because i thought of our luggages and the cutie boxes are fragile (they were made of marble) plus the kilo's of metal hooks 
Metal hooks - can be use/put on the wall when hanging bags/belt
Rectangular boxes - can be use as display on the table or it can be a little jewelry box

Best buy! because i bought it for only 1 euro each means i just spent like 60 in peso. I just added personalized stickers that my sister made for her inaanak! Thanks Ninang :)

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