Sunday, February 28, 2010

Balikbayan Box / Un Colis

When sending our package to Philippines, we always rely on Manzen the type of boxes they have is really satisfying to our needs. Solid, dependable, you can put what ever you wish. I usually send packages twice a year. Last year December 2009, our balikbayan box has arrived before us.
                                            XL box 65x50x65 95 kg. maxi 109 euros (sea price)
 Another good thing about Manzen, they took photos when our love ones receive the box. I strictly told them  not to open when they get it
Me, opening the box (i had a hard pawisan time cutting the packing tapes) Claudebiko packed it well :)
Voila! Mes pamangkins modeling and they look satisfied for what they have got
                                      3 Bodybags that i bought in the thrifty shop (kuripot talaga ni Tita!)

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