Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Eve kila Ybes

New year's eve we had an invitation from a friend named Ybes. Since my oven doesn't work anymore, (probably buy a new one when we get back home from philippines) i couldn't bake any desserts. We would like to bring something so Claudebiko and i bought a ready made little cakes like this

The name of the store is "Le p'tit souk"  they are selling oriental products (dried fruits, olives et spices). The cakes are so sweet but tastes good. I like the baklava thing in the middle.

When we arrived, as usual occassion, they had plenty of foods on the table and most of them are Seafoods

      Loads of desserts too! They  had lots of round fruits because of the beliefs (Pampasuwerte). Oooppss Bibingclara wanted to pick some brownie cookies

Now here are The Pampasuwerte Beauties hehehe :)
Thanks to Ybes and Jigs Happy New Year sa inyooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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