Monday, January 4, 2010

Einstein Dvd's

Monday - I went this morning to bring Bibingclara to her nursery but they were closed due to some problems (they were actually closed since two weeks because of the holiday season) the problems were according to the directress,  "we have no heater even hot water so we cannot accept any child today" well i had nothing to say but to returned back home. sometimes things came out unexpectedly but hoping they will come back into their normal operation tomorrow and will be welcoming the childrens. I know it will be long day for me because it will be me who will look after my little chippie girlie girl but no worries now coz she can be able to watch dvd's. Its not an ordinary film but an educational one that can help your kids mental development.

  "Neighborhood Animals" its Bibingclara's favorite. Thanks Tata Jenny (it was the first einstein dvd) this one  was a bday present of my friend Jenny when Bibingclara's 1st year bday in Ile de Ré  She was told me that it was recommendable by her ate in states and her pamangkin loves to watch it too.

We appreciated it too much and was really a good one! availalbe in different languages (pati ako nalibang manood) So Claudebiko offered another 2 einstein dvd to his unica hija as a xmas present and 1 nursery french rhymes. Result? Bibingclara's very good identifying animals, shapes and colors and she sings every morning hehehe and
                                   See i can blog now :)

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