Monday, January 11, 2010

Counting the days

Our suitcases are almost done! I am very excited to come home see my family and friends. Next week, i will be blogging in Philippines Yipee! It has been almost three years since we got home. Bibingclara's first time to meet my family (her lola and lolo, cousins, titas and les ninangs) I just not have to forget any of her things likes toys,books,dvds (lots of things need to bring when u have a baby) i started to minimize my bagage for still can have spaces for her hehehe (means i have to lessen my clothes and kikay things)

Claudebiko, Maruhya, Bibingclara luggage bags
 I am almost getting crazy of thinking where i will put all the things i would love to carry (because i would like to bring everything) we just only have limited kilos and Bibingclara has not allowed to have hand carry (we are going to bring her stroller though) well, we didn't choose the same airlines before Gulf Air (we had a supplementary 10 kilos per personne) It will gonna be alright i guess i will just need to do "siksik dito, siksik doon" and another bag for my supplementary pasalubong chocolates.

thinking of all my pamangkins who loves chocolates
I dont have to mind to much our bagage weight for a moment, thinking more of my little girl imagining how she can be on the plane (first time)crossing our fingers. I know, i know it will gonna be a long and hard time for her "pauvre bibingclara" :(

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