Saturday, November 28, 2009

Save for a Rainy days

Christmas is coming!!! In spite of the world crisis (crisis nga ba?)
Everybody is getting crazy/busy buying stuff for christmas
Some people spending money for the lights decoration; christmas trees, etc. etc..
Well, i am one of them but! but! but!! we have to be carefull and watch out our pockets
(kasi maraming mandurukot hehehe)

No, what i am trying to say is we can do our christmas shopping by spending wisely
we have to think first if we really need the things that we are going to buy
we have to check also if yung last year na decoration natin ay pede pang gamitin this season

Yes, i understand... nakakaakit kasi lahat ng bagay na makikita mo lalo na sa christmas market (marchés de NoËL) at mapapabili ka talaga!!
But we have to think na there are more things na important kaya dont spend too much!
Spend Wisely!!!

Alkansya/Piggy bank/Tirelire

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