Saturday, April 13, 2013

Loads of cake in every celebration

Each and every occasion we have plenty of different cakes on the table. We must admit na, we are all have sweet tooth and almost everybody knows how to bake. We don't buy cake's outside, we are more into, making homemade cake's with personal touch! ehem! just look on the photos below :)
a surprise bday bash for me year 2011? 5 cakes on the table
4 or 5 kinds of desserts 
Tonight, we will be celebrating our friends birthday bash ( the person who's on the second photo ) Panigurado babaha na naman ng cakes :)
my new kinagigiliwang gawin practice-practice --- ang brazo des mercedes na hindi mairolyo ng maayos hahaha
I will make photos of sweets tonight. Of course, i will be bringing the strawberry cheesecake i baked for the birthday celebrant. =)

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